Two dogs being trained

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Serving Littleton, Aurora, Elizabeth and surrounding areas in CO

You love your dog
, but you don’t always love his behavior.
It can range from embarrassing and annoying to frustrating
and even potentially dangerous.
If he were better-behaved, your family could enjoy him at home,
and have more fun together taking him places.
You’d get more out of having a dog – and more out of life.

dog training session

  • Get personalized hands-on instruction from a certified professional dog trainer dedicated to your success
  • Practice simple but effective dog training techniques to make living with your dog much easier
  • Permanently resolve common behavioral problems like leash-pulling, jumping up on visitors, and much more
  • Create clear two-way communication with your dog to strengthen your relationship and see concrete results
  • Bring the kids to class – it’s good for their self-esteem, good for your dog’s training, and a seriously fun family-friendly activity


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